Deep Space Noir


Pornstache Productions

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Point and click adventure


PC / Mac / Linux
Consoles TBD

Release Date
TBD 2022+


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Pre-alpha demo
v01.29.700, 12.03.2021


Deep Space Noir is a dark atmospheric tech-noir/cyberpunk point and click 3D adventure by solo developer. It is set in distant future and is spanning over 4 episodes:

Episode 1: Shut up, Yuliya
Episode 2: Miss Targot, I presume
Episode 3: The most perfect hunter
Episode 4: A funeral for an old friend

Player gets in the shoes of Benedict Phoenix/Dean Russell, a rough privateer and wanted fugitive. He's a seasoned sarcastic no-bullshit space pioneer in a rowdy world and as such minds no one's feelings when speaking his mind.

Benedict is augmented with artificial intelligence helper called Yuliya—initially an early prototype for law enforcement and military use. Yuliya is the reason Benedict/Dean is an outlaw, as he stole the prototype during experiment in undercover research facility.

As a privateer, Benedict takes on variety of tasks ranging from investigation to enforcement and lives a recluse life on the furthest outpost in Ramsey. It's a mundane and monotonous form of life, until one day a mysterious femme fatale calls and lets loose an avalanche of murders, violence and events that lead to the uncovering of a dreadful conspiracy.


Deep Space Noir started as series of four black and white machinima fan fiction videos on YouTube in 2016, but reaching the technological limit of the games they were filmed in, the idea was eventually abandoned.

In April 2020, the idea of turning this concept into standalone adventure game, inspired by classic noir works of the 20-th century was born and two months later the initial proof of concept prototype was launched. Development continues on a daily basis and on March 13-th, 2021 the game has officially entered pre-alpha phase.


Pornstache Productions is the brainchild of Ivailo Borisov, talented and award-winning multidisciplinary creative with more than 25 years of experience in the design industry and 20+ years as a creative writer with two books and hundreds of articles behind his back.

Ivailo has been playing games since the 80's and has taken part in numerous indie projects through the years. He approaches every project with sincere passion and determination for delivering pixel-perfect detail even at earliest stages, which is easily observable with the release of every Deep Space Noir build, video or screenshot.


Check all videos on Deep Space Noir YouTube Channel.


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Deep Space Noir Deep Space Noir Deep Space Noir Deep Space Noir

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